Getting Started With Embroidery

How do I get started?
What is the minimum order for embroidery?
What is a digitizing fee or tape fee?
How long will it take to complete my order?
What if I need a rush order?
How much will all this cost?
When do I pay?
Do you ship orders or do I have to pick it up?

Q: How do I get started? (top)
A: The best way to start is to first determine the artwork you want embroidered on your garment. If you know what art you want embroidered then you will have a better idea of what garments to choose. Look for garment colors that will look appealing with your image on it. If your image is mostly light colored, don't choose a light colored garment because the image will not contrast with the light colored garment. You can browse our online Apparel Catalog here. If you don't know exactly what your artwork will be you can choose a set of garments you like and then design the artwork around those colors. For more information about artwork and design please see Artwork Requirements.

Q: What is the minimum order for embroidery? (top)
A: Our minimum order is 12 pieces. A 12 piece order is limited to either flat goods (shirts, jackets, fleece, etc..) or hats. Flat goods and hats can not be combined to make up a minimum order.

Q: What is a digitizing fee or tape fee? (top)
A: Embroidery artwork is very different from any other kind of artwork for decoration. The digitizer must interpret the image into stitches and adjust the sewing file to sew properly and efficiently.* This fee is quoted upon request. We need to see the image before we can price it fairly. General digitizing fees range from a $30 to $150 based on complexity and stitch count. You may email us your image for a quote.
*Embroidery files are property of Perkowski Screenprint and Embroidery and are not owned by the customer

Q: How long will it take to complete my order? (top)
A: Embroidery orders take approximately 10 to 15 working days, start to finish, from the day you place your order. Placing an order includes approving an invoice via fax or email, and placing your deposit if required.

Q: What if I need a rush order? (top)
A: The Perkowski Screenprint and Embroidery staff will do everything possible to complete your order without a rush charge. Our customer service representative will determine if rush charges are applicable. Please notify your customer service representative if you need a rush order.

Q: How much will all this cost? (top)
A: The more garments you order the more money you save per item. Extra charges are incurred by larger images, additional locations, or thread color changes during production. Our customer service representatives will be happy to give you a quote over the phone or through email.

Q: When do I pay? (top)
A: New orders require a 50% deposit when the order is placed and the balance due on pickup or delivery. We accept cash, check, visa, master card, and discover. We also will work on a purchase order with a signature approved copy. Credit terms may be established with approval from our accounting department.

Q: Do you ship orders out or do I have to pick it up? (top)
A: We can ship your order anywhere in the United States via UPS. We can ship it on your UPS account if you desire or on ours. Pick up is also available during business hours:
Monday - Friday 9:30am - 5:30 pm PST or by appointment.