Artwork for Promotional Products

Acceptable File Formats
File Preparation
Proofing Artwork
About Camera Ready Art

Artwork for promotional products is for specific applications. It may be for a pen, coffee mug, a calendar, or a sticker. Each product has different requirements and limitations. Please consult our customer service representatives for further artwork information. Below you will find information about accepted file formats.

Acceptable File Formats (top)
• We prefer Adobe Illustrator ® (any version) or Adobe Photoshop® all file formats. For best results save all layers and in the native format.
JPEG or TIFF. JPEG is discouraged but accepted. (Do not sacrifice the quality of your image by decreasing the JPEG compression. The recommended compression is at 10 or the 'High Quality' level.
Macintosh EPS. We do not accept Corel Draw® files. Save Corel Draw® images as generic EPS Format.

PDF. Editable is best but any form is acceptable.

Formats not accepted are:
•GIF (low resolution files are not usable)
•PageMaker® native
•Quark® native
•Microsoft Word® or Power Point®.
These files are office applications, not graphic applications and are not graphics compatible.

Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors are best when communicating color choices.

File Preparation(top)
In Illustrator® or vector based artwork:

• Turn all fonts to Outline or paths.
• Use Custom Spot colors when designing.
• CMYK or RGB is fine for complex color separated work.
• If blends are used within the design they should run from 10% minimum color to 80% maximum color for an attractive, even, printable blend.

In Photoshop® or pixel based artwork: (top)
• Leave the artwork in Photoshop format or TIFF.
• Keep Layers (do not merge). This allows refining difficult color transitions for a better end product.
• 300 dpi files are the maximum necessary though we can work with higher resolutions.

Proofing Artwork (top)
We can supply your artwork to be proofed in an Email, Full size color print (virtually identical to the final Garment print) or, if the final image is critical, a press proof can be arranged. One of the above proof types is needed before production can begin!

Submitting Artwork Files (top)
Artwork files can be sent in Mac or PC format on CD, DVD, DropBox or Email.

Camera Ready art (top)
"Camera Ready" art is now a misnomer since supplied "Camera Ready" art will be scanned into computer rather than shot with a stat camera. "Camera Ready" art is clean and on uncreased white paper or card. Lined paper is not considered "camera ready" art. There is no clean-up done on any artwork without art charges.